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舊版Info Cloud影片整理 (更新中)

暑假比較清閒一點,就來整理一下空英有放在YouTube的Info Cloud影片吧! 
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Back in 1888, George Eastman produced one of America’s first successful commercial cameras called the detective camera. It’s a kind of camera a detective would've loved. It was small and simple to operate, but there was no viewfinder and no way to focus. You just pointed at something, pressed the button and hoped for the best. When you finished the roll film, you send the whole camera to Eastman’s company in New York. Later your new photos will be sent to you along with your camera reloaded with fresh film for more picture-taking. It was a massive success. By the 1890s, people were talking about taking snapshots, a term originally used by hunters when they took a quick shot without aiming at a fast moving animal. Since that time, the world of photography has given us numerous words and phrases like “Say Cheese”. Most recently, we've encountered the term “Photobomb”. Thats when we purposely or accidentally put ourselves in someone elses photograph. Photobombs can be funny and entertaining. There are entire websites devoted to these kinds of pictures. In 2014, Collins English Dictionary named “Photobomb” its word of the year.
在1888年,美國有一位George Eastman開始大量生產照相機,一直到現在,跟拍照相關的詞彙也不斷地再增加,像snapshot這個字,原本來自打獵,當地的人看到一個獵物,來不及瞄準就直接向獵物開槍,那就是一個snapshot後來人們把這個字沿用到攝影表示快拍。另外還有 Say “Cheese” 那是拍照的時候,攝影師為了讓照相的人露出笑容,就會說 Say “Cheese”,因為當我們說 “Cheese”,我們的嘴角就會向兩邊拉開,就會像在笑一樣。最近幾年還產生了 photobomb 這個字,所謂的照片炸彈是指一個突然被突然搶入鏡頭的人、動物或任何東西破壞的照片,這種破壞可以是意外的,也可以是惡作劇,如果有一張照片的背景裡,破壞畫面的東西超好笑、很經典,我們就可以說 That’s the best photobomb ever! 

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空英 Info Cloud (2019/7月份) (每日更新中)

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108/7/1 Info Cloud 
Welcome to Info Cloud, friends. I finally saw the movie Ready Player One. Wow! What a blast from the past. I haven't seen the movie, but I'm guessing there were some references to old games in the movie, right? Exactly. It made me miss all of the old video games I used to play when I was a kid. When we see or hear something that reminds us of the past, we call it a blast from the past. Now keep in mind, past here refers to the speaker's past as opposed to just history in general. You know, Joe, I heard a song while I was at an event of a week ago, it was also a blast from the past. I hadn't heard it since college. That must have made you feel a bit nostalgic, Rex. It did. I had a lot less to worry about in college. Man, those were the days. "Those were the days" is another way to refer to a good period of your life in the past. It's nice to look back and think about some happy memories from time to time. Definitely. And that's why we sometimes look for old movies or music from our past to take a trip down memory lane.
今天跟大家介紹關於過去的一些流行語,例如當你看到或聽到令你想起過去的人事物,你可以用 blast from the past 來形容。That song reminds me of childhood. What a blast from the past! 那首歌令我想起童年,真是美好的回憶! 通常 blast from the past 指的是說話的人自己的回憶和過去,跟一般的歷史沒什麼關係。另外,當你跟朋友聊起過去的一些美好時光,你可以說 Those were the days! 來表示那些真的是很棒的回憶! 人的過去確實有它迷人的地方,也難怪我們都很喜歡 take a trip down memory lane 走回到記憶的巷弄當中memory lane

空英 Language Lab (2019/7月份) (每日更新中)

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108/7/1 Language Lab
1. anonymous (adj) 匿名的、不具名的、不知道名字的 (‘an’ 沒有) (‘onym’ 名字)
anonymity (n) 不具名、匿名 [U]
The victim’s family received a large sum of money from an anonymous donor. 這個受害者的家庭收到了一名不具名的捐贈者的大筆捐款。
The police got an important lead from an anonymous witness. 警方從一位匿名的證人那裡得到了一個重要的線索。
The reporter guaranteed the source his anonymity. 這位記者向提供消息的人保證不會洩漏他的身分。

2. pay off (ph v) 償清債務 (2) 努力得到了報償
After three years of hard work, Teddy paid off his student loan. 經過三年辛苦的工作,Teddy付清了學生貸款。
It took the couple two full years to pay off their credit card debt. 這對夫妻花了整整兩年的時間才付清了卡債。
Henry’s devotion to his studies paid off. He graduated from Harvard with honors. Henry全心投入學習得到了回報,他以優異成績從哈佛大學畢業。

3. generosity (n) 慷慨、大方 (‘gener’ 產出、生出)
generous (adj)
William was so touched by the generosity of his friends. They supported him when he was broke. William 被朋友們的慷慨所深深感動,他們在他一文不名的時候支持他。
Your generosity is much appreciated to help us start our after school program. 我們很感謝您慷慨幫助我們開始了課後輔導的課程。
It was so generous of you to loan me your car. 你好大方,願意借我你的車子。

4. trigger (v) 引發某件事或某種狀況  (n) 槍的板機、引發某種反應的刺激物
A boy accidentally triggered the fire alarm, and everyone panicked. 一個男孩不小心啟動了防火緊報器,每個人都好緊張。
The quarrel at a cafe triggered a series of gang fights. 這個在咖啡廳裡的爭執引發了一連串的幫派鬥爭。
The sniper aimed at the target and slowly pulled the trigger. 這個狙擊手對準了目標,慢慢地扣下了板機。
Speculation about a massive lay-off was the trigger of the strike. 大幅裁員的揣測成為這次罷工的引爆點。

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空英 Language Lab (2019/6月份)

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(2) http://digichannel.go2school.com.tw/default.asp
3. 空中英語教室-影音典藏學習系統(所有教學影片的資料庫): http://ers.nlpi.edu.tw/idsermpl/
108/6/1 Language Lab
1. strike out (v) (1) 自成一格、開創新的方式 (2) 獨立自主
strike (v) 打擊;朝某個方向前進 (strike-struck-struck)
These college kids want to strike out a new direction in computer design. 這些大學生想在電玩的設計上,開創出一條新路。
After working for his boss for years, the chef struck out on his own and opened a restaurant. 為老闆工作多年後,這位主廚自立門戶,開了一家餐廳。

空英 Info Cloud (2019/6月份)

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108/6/1 Info Cloud
Hello, friends. Welcome to Info Cloud. Joe, you know I'm a big meat-eater. I can't believe Josh is going to cook us a vegan dinner. That's terrible. He's going to ruin my night. Well, it might be bad news for you, but hey, for me, it's music to my ears. What?! Oh, right, right, right. I forgot you're a vegan. Good for you. Let's talk about the expression you just used: music to your ears. You're not saying you actually heard real music but something else, right? That's correct. Whenever we say music to someone's ears, it refers to someone hearing good news or information that makes them happy or feel really good. Music is something that humans have enjoyed since practically the beginning of history. People most often listen to music to relax and temporarily escape from reality. That's why music to someone's ears means hearing a piece of information or news that the person really likes or get excited about. Josh decided to prepare barbecue for dinner. That's music to my ears. That's a great example sentence. Too bad for you, Josh isn't really doing that. That's music to my ears.
今天跟大家介紹的這個流行語 music to someone's ears,字面上的意思是某人所聽到的音樂,當有人說 That’s music to my ears! 的時候,並不代表他們真的聽到音樂,而是一個好消息,或是任何令他很開心的事情Josh is cooking us dinner. That’s music to my ears! Josh 要為我們預備晚餐,真是令我開心的消息。人們經常會聽音樂 music 來放鬆心情,暫時讓自己脫離現實生活中的挑戰,因此,music to someone’s ears 才會用來形容令人愉悅的消息或資訊

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Language Lab 彙整版 [106/6/1-108/6/29] (每月更新)

Language Lab 彙整版 [106/6/1-108/6/29] 
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Info Cloud 彙整版 [105/3/1- 108/6/29] (每月更新)

Info Cloud 彙整版 [105/3/1- 108/6/29]
1. 檔案有點大,共計400多頁,建議開啟後下載成Word檔閱讀。
2. 此檔案僅作為教學用途,切勿作為商業或營利用途。
3. 所有版權皆屬空中英語教室所有。

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